by Riesage

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At the time of this recording, Riesage was:

Mike Barnum: Vocals, guitar, harmonica
Troy Gion: Guitar, vocals
Ben Sailer: Bass
Shane Heilman: Drums

Rob Schmidt: Guest tambourine on "I Heard About This House"
Bryce Richardson: Guest backing vocals on "I Heard About This House"
Dan Jensen's Friend Who We've Lost Track Of: Guest pedal steel on "O' Jacob, O' Israel."


released February 20, 2013

Recorded in January 2011 by Dan Jensen at The Hideaway in Minneapolis, MN.



all rights reserved


Riesage Fargo, North Dakota

We are a band from Fargo, ND. We write songs about women and whiskey. Be our friends and let's party.

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Track Name: I Heard About This House
I buried your name
Almost two years before you left
Moss will grow
Around everything we made
That house we made
The windows cracked at the panes
Leaking in ghosts
From a graveyard, whispering her name to me

I know the name of a ghost

So I’ll sneak the chapel and pray with all the people to be saved

That dirty mirror you decorated with our pictures

Now that your ghost is lurking around this house
I will crawl into the attic and I will call your name

I know you don’t want me around

So I’ll sneak into the chapel and I’ll pray with all the people to be saved

I’m going home.
Track Name: The Sum Of Ulysses
Stuck in the middle of some old TV show
And a winter that a widow would find bitter cold
But the most that these bones know

It’s the sum of childrens books
Fairy tales and those awkward looks
That me got so

So full of hope for love
Hope for time
A hope that this was no life of mine
But of course, we all miss the lie

Thought I’d make it out of here
Maybe I’d make myself a home
But, I’ve been waiting by your window
Hoping that you’re alone
And maybe, you’d go
Track Name: O' Jacob, O' Israel
Our whispers
Our Burdens
Our Promises
Well, nobody heard them

And now we’re alone
With a whisper,
Caught in my throat

And I know
I know you know
You love him

But remember

The night you broke down at my parent’s dancing to disco
Drinking rum and cokes
We weren’t that old

You said, “Slow down. You’re too young to act so old.”
I said, “I’m older than most.”
You said, “You’re white as a ghost.”

O’Jacob, O’Israel
Your answers don’t help
I’m still tired and weary
I guess God must of missed me
And my feet begin to patter
But, I can’t quite catch the gravel
And I whisper O’Brother

I could, I know

I could call her up
I could make work
If I could only find the words
Just a simple verse

I’d be like those nights in the back seat of that blue Buick century
That old stereo and Tom Petty
We’re just singing along

A lalalalalalalalal
Track Name: All The Real Girls
From the corner she calls,
“Why don’t you go home and sleep it off?”
But, All night, I kick at the sheets
It’s all that I can do to sleep

And I hear my name
It’s like a comic book
Like your father shook
You like a doll
Now, rolling around in that pine box
So pull the reigns, I’ve gone to fast
Now a world spins inside my head

I get so sick
So sick of the spin
You never know what way you’ll land
To get up and do it again
This town, it wears me out
Because, downtown’s dying off
And all the people in the bars don’t mean shit

Now I’m wondering
What’s it gonna take
To know a place
Where the morning comes and I don’t want to run away
So I’m pressing my knees
On these dead leaves
Just praying for someone to share this weight.
Track Name: Gospel Eaters
I want to go to papa’s house alone
And I don’t think I’m coming back
It’s his fault, you know
For breaking the bond that we had

I thought I might see your ghost before
I had a chance to ask
Where your old haunts were at

But I got spun around
I was a carousel, like that

I swear I seen your old boots around
Maybe by the front door?
Or that old firebird you said that you would restore
Then your own voice on the old telephone
Telling me off saying, “this is as good as it gets.”
I didn’t fight because I didn’t know
Smiling my best, hanging on like some marionette

I remember fingers too little to hold
And all of my teeth, too crooked to show
I took as gospel, you had to go
But the truth and the biblical don’t always match
And my archeology is better than that
I had a feeling that you’d come back

I dug down under the ground
And that’s where I found you at.